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“Help! My wee li’l ducks are not in a row!” — Hopefully you find what you’re looking for here. If not, reach out at @4ducksbudget, or our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, with a Pro subscription. Create a new category by going to “Settings” > “Manage categories for opened budget”.

4DB isn’t that kind of app. It’s not for one-off purchases like a gas receipt - it’s for recurring expenses, things like bills and the amounts you budget for things like gas and eating out. So you might budget $200/month for gas, for instance.

Pricing & License

4Ducks Budget was built to help cover my mom’s housing and medical expenses. It’s like GoFundMe, except you get a warm and fuzzy feeling and and awesome budgeting app. ( Learn more )

Free apps generally make money off you in other ways, often by selling your personal information to the highest bidder. We believe in honest and sustainable pricing.

We do try to offer sales and discounts now and then through the app stores.

Eventually we would like to go open-source, but we are using a UI library that prevents us from using an OSS license. If the app gets popular enough we can justify the expense of rewriting the UI library with our own code.